Our patients are people who are looking for a specialist opinion on how to improve their health and stay healthy, as well as those with oncological and other serious diseases who are looking for an additional opinion from a doctor with knowledge in the field of natural medicine, which can offer a different approach and modern and efficient complementary therapy.

In Doctor Biomaster’s offices throughout the country, clients can consult with experienced mycotherapists. The company works with highly qualified specialists who have completed special courses in natural medicine with some of the best mycotherapists from Russia and Germany.

From 2003 until today, Doctor Biomaster’s doctors have been studying in depth various natural therapies, giving quick and definite results in terms of restoring the immunity of oncological patients. Thanks to their extensive experience, our doctors are able to offer each client who is fighting oncological and other serious diseases an individually refined scheme containing procedures for detoxifying the body and natural immunomodulators to restore and strengthen the immune system.

Individual therapeutic protocols to restore immunity include:

  • Taking immunomodulators from medicinal mushrooms and herbs;
  • Destruction of carcinogenic microorganisms and parasites;
  • Normalization of the alkaline-acid balance;
  • Elimination of psycho-emotional problems;
  • Removal of toxins from the body.

How the consultation works

Doctor Biomaster’s medical offices are located in the cities of Sofia, Plovdiv and Stara Zagora. You can also consult with some of our official representatives in the cities of Varna, Burgas, Targovishte, Ruse, Kyustendil, Veliko Tarnovo, Shumen and Velingrad.

Before you come to us for a consultation, it is necessary to prepare your medical documents – epicrisis, blood tests, imaging documents (if you have them). During the meeting between our specialist and the patient (or his relative), the complaints and their characteristics (precedence, duration, etc.) are specified.

It is important that during the consultation the patient is calm and open, so that the doctor can get more comprehensive information about his condition (accompanying diseases and their treatment – current medication and alternative therapy, results from invasive and non-invasive examinations, undergone operative interventions, past diseases, hereditary predisposition, diet, activity, etc.).

For our doctors, nothing is more important than the emotional and physical health of patients, and they take the necessary time and effort to get to know each case individually.

The protocol drawn up by the doctor is determined based on the patient’s health condition and what should be achieved as a result. Doctors of Doctor Biomaster carefully monitor the entire course of treatment of patients and the effectiveness of its implementation.

The doctor and the patient discuss the methods of therapy that are most suitable in the specific case, the specifics of the specific method, the diet that should be applied, as well as the terms in which it should be carried out the treatment and the intervals for control examinations with the doctor afterwards. If any questions or ambiguities remain in any aspect, it is desirable that the questions be asked on the spot. The patient also receives a prescription with natural products that can be purchased at the company’s physical locations or online.

It is desirable that all the doctor’s recommendations are strictly followed. Please inform the doctor who consulted you if you plan to change something or want to use another alternative, natural treatment method in parallel.

Natural therapy lasts a minimum of 4 months. It takes patience and persistence to get the best possible impact on your condition.

An important condition underlying our work and results is the trust between doctor and patient.

Duration of consultation?

The duration of the consultation with each of our specialists is between 45 and 60 minutes. Booking an appointment in advance is mandatory because each patient is given special attention.

A consultation with our doctor in the cities of Sofia, Plovdiv and Stara Zagora costs 25.00 BGN.
Only the first visit is charged, subsequent visits are free for the patient!

Medical team of Dr. Biomaster

Dr. Dyakova


Dr. Diana Dyakova graduated from higher medical education, master’s degree, doctor at the Medical University, Sofia. Acquired a specialty in obstetrics and gynecology and reproductive medicine at SBALAG Maichin dom. He works as a resident in the AG department in Pernik, product manager in Sofia, head of the “Medical Control” department and an expert in medical activities in Sofia. He is a member of the “Society of Medicinal Mushrooms Bulgaria”. Every year he attends the seminars organized by the society related to medicinal mushrooms, where he exchanges experience with other doctors – members of the society.
Price: 25 BGN

Contact with Dr. Dyakova: office@drbiomaster.com

Dr. Dimova


Dr. Galina Dimova completed her higher medical education at the Sofia Medical University in 1986. She works as a ward doctor in the SZS, a doctor in the internal department, leading a physiotherapy department. Dr. Dimova goes through courses in: physiotherapy for pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases, electro-diagnostics, laser therapy, fungotherapy and bioresonance diagnostics and therapy with the German Bicom® equipment. Participated in a seminar, with the assistance of the German company Hawlik, on the application of mycotherapy in oncology. Since 2012, he has been working with the German BICOM bioresonance devices, which are designed for diagnosis and therapy. He is the chairman of the “Society of Medicinal Mushrooms Bulgaria”.
Price: 25 BGN

Contact with Dr. Dimova: office@drbiomaster.com

Dr. Evtimova


Dr. Lilia Evtimova completed her medical education at VMI – Plovdiv. In her 35 years of medical practice, she worked as a resident in the BMP – Plovdiv, a ward doctor in Plovdiv, a GP in Libya – Homs, a doctor in the office and ward at the District Hospital Plovdiv. He specializes in Internal Medicine and has worked as an endocrinologist in ORB – Plovdiv for almost 20 years. Dr. Evtimova has undergone two years of training in homeopathic medicine. Phytotherapist. Long-time member of the “Society of Medicinal Mushrooms Bulgaria”.
Price: 25 BGN

Contact with Dr. Evtimova: office@drbiomaster.com

Dr. Mitevski

Stara Zagora

In the period May 2013 – October 2015, Dr. Mitevski worked as an RMO (Resident Medical Officer) in various private hospitals in Great Britain. He shows a strong clinical interest in the field of mycotherapy, phytotherapy and naturotherapy as part of the complex treatment of patients with various (including oncological) diseases. He is a member of the “Society of Medicinal Mushrooms Bulgaria”.
Price: 25 BGN

Contact with Dr. Mitevski: office@drbiomaster.com