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500 ml

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Azienda Agricola Il Pucino




Azienda Agricola Il Pucino


Ingredients: Copper; Aloe Arborescens (Aloe Arborescens Mill.) – juice and pulp; wheat spirit; natural flavoring; aloe. GMO free. Without preservatives.

Application: Aloe has a beneficial effect on the natural digestive functions of the intestines and the function of the liver. Aloe Arborescens contains three times more active substances than its ‘cousin’ Aloe Vera. The plant has been known for millennia as a powerful antioxidant and immunomodulator that provides support to the immune system. It has a natural anti-inflammatory effect. It helps in the internal cleansing of the harmful substances accumulated in the body. It supplies the body with amino acids, minerals, vitamins and trace elements. Helps to improve cellular nutrition, food absorption, cell regeneration. Provides support to the cardiovascular, circulatory and excretory systems. To make this product, a recipe borrowed from a traditional Brazilian recipe (honey, aloe, distillate) was used, which became known as the “Franciscan Friar’s Recipe”. What makes the product different from others on the market is the raw material: whole Aloe Arborescens leaves and the absence of preservatives. Our choice to use the ‘whole leaves’ is due to the fact that this part of it, which is under the green ‘skin’, contains a yellowish lymph, in which the most useful active ingredients are found. We offer you a completely fresh product, free of any preservatives and other additives.

Usage: Shake well before use. The concentrated product must be diluted in a glass of water (+/- 250 ml). Use one teaspoon (3 ml) three times daily for 2 or 3 days, then ½ measuring cup (10 ml) 3 times daily, preferably before meals. Consult a specialist to determine the duration of reception.

Recommended daily dose: 30 ml.

Ingredients in the recommended daily dose of 30 ml:

Organic Honey 16,8 ml
Juice and pulp of fresh whole leaves of Aloe Arborescens 12,59 ml
Wheat ethanol 0,6 ml

Storage: Store in a cool, dark place. Once the bottle is opened, it should be refrigerated and the contents used within 20 days.

Caution: Consult your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Not to be taken by children under 12 years of age.

Warning: Individual intolerance to the components of the supplement is possible! The product is not a medicinal product. Not to be used as a substitute for varied nutrition and a healthy lifestyle! Do not exceed the recommended daily dose! Keep out of the reach of small children (under 3 years of age)! Do not use the product after its expiration date.

Manufacturer: AZIENDA AGRICOLA IL PUCINO, 34018 San Dorligo della Valle Trieste, ITALY

Distributor: Dr. BIOMASTER OOD (Ltd.), Sofia, 68 Rodopi St., 2nd floor, Tel: 02 9523449,

Net quantity: 500 ml ℮

Entry in the national register No. T221117183/09.01.18.


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