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Jamakiro +

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180 capsules of 300 mg
Blend of fungal fruit body powders of 4 medicinal mushrooms

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180 capsules of 300 mg
Blend of fungal fruit body powders of 4 medicinal mushrooms

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Dr. Biomaster






Dr. Biomaster


Ingredients: Cordyceps sinensis extract; Mushroom powder from Maitake (Grifola frondosa powder); Lentinula edodes powder; mushroom powder from Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum powder). Emulsifier: E572 – magnesium stearate; E464 – capsules of plant cellulose.

The quality of the raw material of this product is controlled by the German laboratory Agrolab.

Application: Nutritional supplement. Source of polysaccharides. Helps burning fat from the landfills.

Recommended daily dose: The daily dose of “Jamakiro+” contains 450 mg of Cordyceps extract, 450 mg of Maitake powder, 450 mg of Shiitake powder and 450 mg of Reishi powder.

Usage: 2-3 times a day 2 capsules with a glass of water.

Storage: In a dry area protected from direct sunlight, at room temperature from 5 to 25°C.

Caution: Be aware of possible individual intollerance to the components of the supplement. The product is not a medicine. Do not use as a substitute for a varied diet! Do not exceed the recommended dose! Keep out reach of children!

Made for: Dr. BIOMASTER OOD (Ltd.)

Manufacturer: Arcadia Herba EOOD


14 reviews for Jamakiro +

  1. Мариана Чолакова (verified owner)

  2. Снежана И. (verified owner)

  3. Антон Кузов (verified owner)

  4. Невена Стаева (verified owner)

  5. Миглена Ангелова (verified owner)

  6. Полина Г. (verified owner)

  7. Мария (verified owner)

    Отличен продукт! Намалява тежестта в черния дроб и редуцира апетита.

  8. Миглена (verified owner)

  9. Миглена К. (verified owner)

  10. АЛЕКСАНДРА СТАНЕВА (verified owner)

  11. Милена А. (verified owner)

  12. Анелия М. (verified owner)

  13. Василка Параскова (verified owner)

  14. Георги Дамянов (verified owner)

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