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Bridge of Hope

(36 customer reviews)

Author: James Demers
Publisher: “Doctor Natura”

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The story of the Canadian “cancer” nurse Rene Caisse and her herbal recipe.

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Doctor Natura

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36 reviews for Bridge of Hope

  1. Милена Илчева (verified owner)

  2. Ана Кънчева (verified owner)

  3. Десислава Димитрова (verified owner)

  4. Анонимен (verified owner)

  5. ВАЛЕРИЙ ПЕЙЧЕВ (verified owner)

  6. Теодора Иванова (verified owner)

  7. Силвия (verified owner)

  8. Иван Танев (verified owner)

  9. Антон Кузов (verified owner)

  10. Румянка Василева (verified owner)

  11. Искра Крайчева (verified owner)

  12. Цветанка Добрева (verified owner)

  13. Фатиме Б. (verified owner)

  14. Детелина Каменова (verified owner)

  15. Енчо Стоев (verified owner)

  16. Калина Николова (verified owner)

  17. Стефка Тошева (verified owner)

  18. Евгения Пенкова (verified owner)

  19. Цветелина Котларска (verified owner)

  20. Марияна (verified owner)

  21. Анонимен (verified owner)

  22. Стоянка Стоянова (verified owner)

  23. Тотка Конова (verified owner)

  24. Стоянка Стоянова (verified owner)

  25. Милица Янкова (verified owner)

  26. Елисавета Ангелова (verified owner)

  27. Антоанета (verified owner)

  28. Maria Adamova (verified owner)

  29. Мария Филипова (verified owner)

  30. Розалина Йорданова (verified owner)

  31. Anonymous (verified owner)

  32. Красимира Атанасова (verified owner)

  33. Tatyana Kostadinova (verified owner)

  34. Виолета Георгиева (verified owner)

  35. Мария (verified owner)

  36. Елисавета Ангелова (verified owner)

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