Cancer Can be Cured

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Author: Father Romano Zago, O.F.M (order of friars minor)
Publisher: “Dr. Biomaster” Ltd.


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A book on the story of an ancient Brazilian recipe with Aloe Arborescens.

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19 reviews for Cancer Can be Cured

  1. Анонимен (verified owner)

  2. Росица Гаргова (verified owner)

  3. Величка Петкова (verified owner)

  4. Илко Илиев (verified owner)

  5. Анонимен (verified owner)

  6. Анелия А. (verified owner)

  7. ВАЛЕРИЙ ПЕЙЧЕВ (verified owner)

  8. Нонка Маринова (verified owner)

  9. Станимира Маринова (verified owner)

  10. Анонимен (verified owner)

  11. Жулиета Богдева (verified owner)

  12. ВАЛЕРИЙ ПЕЙЧЕВ (verified owner)

  13. Златка ГЕОРГИЕВА (verified owner)

  14. Тинка Радивчева (verified owner)

  15. Костадин Дошев (verified owner)

  16. Евгения Пенкова (verified owner)

  17. Софка Деянова (verified owner)

  18. Ани Георгиева (verified owner)

  19. Петко Стаматов (verified owner)

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