My dad has stage 4 lung cancer, has metastases (in one vertebra, pancreas and 2 ribs) and cannot be operated. In general, I am not particularly fond of alternative methods, not to say that some things are doubtful to me. But after an oncology doctor recommended that we start immunotherapy with these mushrooms, we decided to give them a try.
7.04.2018 | S.
Hello! I want to thank Doctor Biomaster who treated my mother with medicinal mushrooms for about 4-5 months. She is cancerous and these mushrooms helped her. She started eating very well and feels good. Also drinks silver water. The treatment is expensive, but it helps a lot. Sincerely Thanks. I’m sorry ordinary doctors don’t approve this type of treatment.
14.08.2019 | K.
Medicinal mushrooms products greatly facilitate the “tolerance” of chemotherapy. I can’t say that they heal deseases, but they are certainly boosting the body’s immune defenses against diseases so that it can cope on its own. Therefore, in my view, they should be taken for preventive purposes. As we know, there is no panacea, and every organism handles diseases differently. Good luck and be healthy.
22.09.2020 | P.
I am very pleased. Special thanks to Biomaster for the timely lifesaving assistance provided to my father. They save him from “the knife” with medicinal mushrooms – reishi and cordyceps. I also want to point out about my other misconception – I bought cheap mushrooms from the internet. The quality of the extracts of Dr. Biomaster is unreachable in both action and active ingredients.
3.05.2021 | R.

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